Calder lead


Calder’s flexislates are a durable, high-performance and easy to install pipe sleeving product. Manufactured with a combination of a code 4 lead 450 mm x 450 mm base and a bonded EPDM synthetic rubber sleeve.

Flexislates are recommended to ensure a weather tight seal be formed around pipes, aerials and similar items that penetrate tile, slate or  built-up felt roofs.


  • Pitched
  • Flat


Calder lead weathering slates are a durable, long-term and reliable solution to sealing pipe penetrations in tile or slate roofs. Manufactured from code 4 lead, our standard model has a 450 mm x 450 mm base with a rear up-stand of 150 mm.

Custom sizes are available upon request.


  • Collar 4” x 30°
  • Collar 5” x 30°
  • Collar 4” x 45°
  • Collar 4” x 90°
  • Collar 5½ x 30°