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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Industrial x-ray and CT scanning (up to 750kV) are used as a means of non-destructive testing for inspection and metrology. They offer a quick and highly detailed analysis of internal components and assembly features, which are used extensively by the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as the scientific community to guarantee the quality of safety critical components.

Calder Industrial work closely with OEMs to offer design, manufacture and installation of steel framed lead lined x-ray cabinets and x-ray enclosures.

NDT Rooms and Enclosures

A NDT enclosure is usually a room larger than 2.5 m cube, that people would enter to carry out a radiographic task. This is ideal where large or very heavy objects need to be inspected using x-ray or gamma radiography.

The room can be fitted with lifting equipment such as a crane or hoist. Some rooms are big enough to accommodate entry by either a fork lift truck or a bogie. The opening to the room is often shielded using a lead lined steel motorised door featuring interlocks and safety features.

Depending on the energy of the x-ray inspection equipment being used for NDT, the room will be constructed from either lead-steel or lead-plywood panels mounted on a prefabricated and free standing steel frame. This type of structure is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle.

Calder offer a complete turnkey design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service to meet our customers’ specific NDT requirements.

NDT Cabinets

A NDT cabinet is usually smaller that 2.5 m cube, where small items are loaded manually or by a robot for inspection. The lead lined cabinet contains a source and detector, in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, with a manipulator used to position the item to be inspected between them.

Manual or automatic access doors with interlocks, safety features and in some instances, a viewing window, can be incorporated in the design, along with cable ducts and removable service panels.

All sheet metal components used to clad our fabricated steel framed lead shield are manufactured in house on our CNC laser cutter and brake press. This enables Calder to offer a complete turnkey design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service to meet each customer's specific NDT requirements.